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"Writing something that’s “cool” is one thing, but to have it be something desired by a lot of people is a something entirely different."

Michael Jackson was truly a great entertainer, whatever you may think of his personal life and the tabloid news. Starting out at a very young age, he successfully entertained millions and was a true icon that helped define musical trends in the 70s and 80s.

You can listen to a sampling of his songs (free) as a tribute to remember some of the songs that made him so popular. Our sympathies go out to his family, friends and fans around the world. ....hear Michael Jacksons songs under the "J" s

Exercise in Collaboration

A good way to try out collaborating with some of the best songrwriters in the world is to take any song that has been a hit or that you really like.

If you want to try your melody writing, put a new melody to the original lyrics. If you want to try your lyric composition, try writing a new lyric for the song melody. This technique is called masking.

Once you complete your work, take the part that you wrote and present it to another cowriter (or yourself) and complete the other part! Instant Song! and you have also received another lesson in song structure, rhyme, song length, how the melody moves and other things that are based on a successful song structure.

Good Luck to all Canadian songwriters and musicians around the world with your music compositions!

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How can I improve my songwriting? You've invested more time and money creating and recording your compositions. At some point along the way, you ask yourself, "How can I take my craft to the next step?"

The Internet is helping to level the playing field between the well-connected and the not-so-well connected. No longer are multi-national corporations the only way to get your song out there, or to be "discovered" as an entertainer. Justin Bieber was discovered because of Youtube and social media, but still required a record label, producers and promotion to achieve the great success of a Canadian singer/songwriter.

Juno awards CanadaOriginal music is needed not only by the single song artist and performing groups and bands, but for all types of other uses including television background music, radio jingles, theme music for games, cd-roms etc..

Songs are sought after by top music publishers, producers, managers, film & TV music supervisors, and instrumental music libraries in addition to the big record lables and indies.

What if you are sitting on a composition that could be generating royalty income for you, but you cannot get it in the hands of the right artist or producer? You can collaborate with others, promote yourself using social media and perform in live venues if you are a musician.

It certainly is easier to promote your music as a singer-musician-songwriter who can perform in clubs or play concerts to increase buzz and popularity of original music. Together with a webpage and social media buzz where samples of the music can help generate larger audiences, the combination of performer and creator is a very viable way of getting original music noticed today.

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Listening to a range of music is the key to successful songwriting. What different styles of music do you listen to? How do you find out about new or different styles of music? How can listening to different songs actually influence the way you make your own song?

How do we find song ideas?

We need to develop our ability to recognize and create lyric ideas from events in everyday life. Where may you ask can you find these ideas. Here are some suggestions.

Television presents a variety of controversial and informative topics which may help you identify and solidify your own point of view on a subject. Radio talk shows are another source of this type of programming and also include emotional and conflict filled situations depicted by callers.

Music composers Canada treble and bass cleffEspecially the anonymity of radio brings out more substantive dialog. Try to find a psycologist or other human interest program for some real insights into human behavior. When all else fails, listening to the radio may help us come up with our own ideas based on where someone else did not take their composition to.

Music composers Canada treble and bass cleffBooks and poetry can also get our creative juices flowing. Sometimes we come up with ideas based on topics of discussion with friends or an overheard discussion. Regressing and examining one's own life experience can also come up with topics that interest us personally.

Music composers Canada treble and bass cleffOnce you make an effort to search out for new ideas, it will be amazing how you respond to new potential ideas on an ongoing basis. It is a good idea to have some type of notepad, micro cassette recorder or other handy device along or at least a pen and paper to make quick notes if you do come up with ideas before they are gone again.

If your lyric idea can help people express their hopes, desires, problems, conflicts or dreams which are normally held inside, you will have created a vehicle for expressing these ideas.

There are many types of songs ranging from themes of love, message songs, novelty songs, songs written purely for entertainment, event and holiday songs, but they should be expressive if they are to strike a note with listeners. Reviewing and studying the most popular songs in history as voted on by the gold record standard, and their lyrics (those that went gold and platinum) in the popular music style this is a great way to hear and learn what has worked in the past and use some of the timeless influences as a springboard for new creations.

Canadian songwriters are honored at the Juno awards each year.

Some World Famous Canadian Musicians Composers and Music Songwriters include:

Oscar Peterson, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Bryan Adams, Bruce Cockburn, Corey Hart, David Foster, David Clayton Thomas, Glenn Gould, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Percy Faith, Paul Anka, Robert Goulet, Tom Cochrane, Gino Vanelli and Robbie Robertson plus many more.


Songwriting Tools

The most basic songwriting tools include pencil or pen and paper. Ever wake up in the middle of the night with a great song or lyric idea? Keep pencil and paper next to your bed for those 2am flashes of brilliance.

Another tool is to have a portable dictaphone type device that can record your voice. Use a cellphone app to record lead lines and ideas for later reference. Capturing ideas when you get them and then working on them is part of the fun. The other way is to just sit down and write. Creative styles will vary depending on how you like to work, but having the necessary tools to capture your ideas will help keep the creative juices flowing.

The worst thing is to be creative and then get stuck on mechanical issues such as plugging a bunch of cables up or trying to fire up a sequencer that isn't playing ball. Technical hinderances can impeed the flow of brilliance, so be sure to use down time to work out all the technical glitches and hurdles in advance so the next time creativity strikes, you are ready to capture your ideas without getting sidetracked by technical issues.

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