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Melton Tuba

The Melton Tuba is one of the most known tubas and comes in many different models and types. There is the Melton 195, Melton 25, Melton Fafner (Bb). We will explore the various types here in the coming days.

Melton Tuba Quartet

One popular German Tuba quartet is the Melton Tuba Quartett.

This is tuba music at it's finest. Will also be exploring some of their music here in the coming days as we begin our site makeover on

F-tuba kronosF-Tuba Kronos

These tubas are very pricey but have a rich sound. Some tubas can cost over $20,000 or more. Other types of f-tubas can cost around $6,000-$10,000 new.

William Melton Wagner Tuba

William Melton from Philly studied the horn at UCLA and other places in L.A. He went on to perform with the Sinfonie Orchester Aachen in Germany and also performs in a quartet "Die Aachener Hornisten" (the horn players of Aachen).