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Capture the Performance

Although we can pay more attention to the mechanics of recording, getting the actual expression and essence of the music is the most important element.

It is better to have an awe inspiring performance with some background noise than a perfect recording of a middle-of-the-road, half-hearted performance.

Ideally, you would have both!



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Music Recording Tips

Recording demos should be a straightforward task of documenting the composition. This stage allows some experimentation with different arrangement types and instrumentation to give the composition the appropriate "sound".

Demos need not be completely finished products with all countermelodies, harmonies and everything else down to the compression ratio on the lead vocal, but should convey the chord structure, melody, important harmonies and basic color of the composition

Complete recordings can be achieved with either free recording tools or recording suites that work on either PC or Mac.



How to record an ensemble at once

Vocal Performance

Get the best mix

EQ tips

More upcoming articles on this page will include:

Multitrack Recording techniques and arrangement
Remembering Analog when recording Digital
Mastering for improvement

When setting up your recording environment, take time to plan and setup your particular work gear so that everything is easy to turn on and you can begin recording when inspiration strikes. Avoid needing to power and patch alot of mismatched or disconnected gear which can dampen the mood to create or result in missing a great performance altogether.


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