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Jazz music is not only appreciated at Starbucks, but has a long history of being one of the important pillars of modern music.

Oscar Petersen and other Canadian pianists have helped make jazz music popular.

Even if you are not a "Belieber", you have got to believe in the power of connecting to others online through social media and the internet.

Jazz Composers and Music

Jazz improvisation is the spontaneous creation of music in the jazz style. A foundation of music principles is necessary to deeper appreciate and be able to professionally practice the art of jazz.

The study of melodic fragments and patterns can greatly enhance our abilities to spontaneously express ourselves in voice or instrument in the jazz style.

One can develop the habit of pre-hearing a certain phrase or riff right before it is performed. Of course we can only pre-hear that which we are familiar with, so by looking at the various technical exercises one can expand our knowledge and ability.

This month we will review the basics starting with major chords and major scales.

Learn to play many popular Jazz tunes and familiarize yourself with these compositions.

Jazz chord progressions are a series of chords played on piano, guitar or other accompanying instrument to lay the groundwork for riffing or solo instruments to play over. The progressions themselves can be quite interesting without a solo instrument or solo pattern.

Some of the most popular progressions include the 2-5-1. But the passing chords actually make the progressions stand out which are used to connect 2 changes. Taking time to learn different chord inversions, patterns and progressions will provide the musician with more options during a jam.