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Books for Musicians

Books, Videos, DVDS can help songwriters hone their craft.

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A good way to expand knowledge is to read and watch other pros.

Learn and write

Good Luck to all Canadian songwriters and musicians around the world with your music compositions!

Books for Musicians & Songwriters

There are several books on the market today to help songwriters hone their craft. If you are interested in any of the following books, just copy and paste the title in the chapters online search engine for more information or to order. They offer prompt delivery and secure online ordering. You can also visit your local bookstore for the newest titles. Always good to get some inspiration by reading a book.

Reading and learning about the latest tips and tricks to writing hit songs will help lay the foundation to find your own creative musical voice.

Music is about inner expression, so that part must come from the individual writing the music. Narrow down your genre and style and then sit there and write. Reading these types of books can spark creative energy and also help channel your focus in the right direction.

After all, isn't it better to make some money at it while being able to follow your dreams and produce music with passion? There are plenty of broke, talented musicians in the world, so the challenge is to not only develop your songwriting craft, but develop some business sense on learning how to market your music.

Fortunately, unlike when this website was first started, the internet has really levelled the playing field and the direct to listener model is more alive than ever! Learn your craft, setup social media channels including YoutTube to share your music with the world, get feedback and lay the foundation to creating an income source as well.

Good luck writing those songs AND getting them out there for all to hear.












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