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Songwriting Gear

Digital recording devices, sequencing software, notation software and rhyming dictionaries are a few of the items today's songwriters rely on.


Never let overcomplicated setups or equipment stand in the way of creativity.

What Songwriting Tools are Available?


Songwriting Tools

In the old days, tools for composers would have been considered a feather pen, some ink and paper. Nowadays, there is so much more we can utilize to hone our craft of creating music and song lyrics. Some of the tools available today are as varied as the instrument or voice that we wish to use to create the work.

One great tool is some type of portable recorder so you can sing or play into it the moment creativity strikes and later parse the ideas once you have them stored.

Take it with you where ever you go and even keep it on the nightstand as the idea that pops in can leave just as fast, but once on an easily accessable machine it can be analyzed, worked on , transferred and shared.

Songwriting and Composing Tools

Starting with the keyboard, the possibilities for creating, sequencing, storing, arranging and even printing out sheet music from music we play into any midi keyboard are ever evolving.

To plan the computer hardware setup, the interfacing of various midi keyboards and devices and the utilization of the most current and popular sequencing programs, digital hard disk recording systems and even entire multitrack home studio setups, there is no end to the available hardware and software tools to help in song composition and creation.

The idea behind any of the new and evolving technologies should be relative simplicity of use and relative transparency to the user, so that one can spend more energy and time on the actual creative process rather than fighting with the technology. Alot has improved since the good old days of saving your work often before the mac crashes again (you should still save your work often though), but we will review several systems for both Mac and PC that are available.

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Zoom recording Canada Some very reasonably priced used songwriting and composing tools can be found on the Ebay Canada website. Instead of paying retail, you may just find what you need at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes Amazon has sales which are even cheaper than Ebay, for example brand new voice recorders (that can also help you catalog ideas from your instrument and easily transfer them to computer for further editing, saving or distribution).

If you need a stereo portable digital recorder, check out the Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder with stereo X/Y mic which records broadcast WAV at 96khz. This model has a high speed USB 2.0 port.