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Justin Bieber

Youtube sensation, Justin Bieber may not appeal to everyone, but he appeals to a huge demographic of music downloading tweens and teens.

Consequently his music and movie appearances along with his concert performances and merchandising have made him a millionaire many times over.

Youtube star turns millionaire? Yes it is possible in this electronic age.

What goes up must come down. Justin has had a rough time of it lately as fame can do that to the best of them, appearing in the news in an unfavorable light. But his music continues to sell strong.

Even if you are not a "Belieber", you have got to believe in the power of connecting to others online through social media and the internet.

Contests - Submit Songs Online

Submit songs to songwriting competitions to gain exposure!

The USA Songwriting Competition as well as Canadian writing competitions can help increase exposure for your songwriting and musicianship.

There are also performance contests such as a kids singing contest in the States called Step Up 2 The Mic.

The big contests such as American Idol and Canadian Idol showcase singing talent.

Socan provides contest information as well as other Canadian contests such as the Sandra James Sonqwriting contest.

Songwriting and Musician Magazines

A subscription to some popular music magazines may help keep us updated on many of the songwriting competition events available.

American Songwriter

American Songwriter

More Magazines for Musicians





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