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Justin Bieber

Youtube sensation, Justin Bieber may not appeal to everyone, but he appeals to a huge demographic of music downloading tweens and teens.

Consequently his music and movie appearances along with his concert performances and merchandising have made him a millionaire many times over.

Youtube star turns millionaire? Yes it is possible in this electronic age.


Even if you are not a "Belieber", you have got to believe in the power of connecting to others online through social media and the internet.

Popular Canadian Musicians

Some of the most well known and most famous Canadian performers and musicians are listed here

Famous Canadian Musicians

Avril Lavigne

Celine Dion

Barenaked Ladies

Bryan Adams

Shania Twain

Sarah McLachlan



Amanda Marshall

April Wine

Alanis Morissette

Billy Talent

David Foster

Gino Vanelli

Neil Young

Paul Anka

Joni Mitchell

Oscar Peterson

Gordon Lightfoot

Joni Mitchell

Canadian Musicians including David Foster and Oscar Petersen

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